GiGaLed LED light modules are a brand new lighting concept of high quality lights to be used for in AND outside decorations as well as illumination of structures, buildings, amusement rides, lighting ornaments and signage. GiGaLed LED light modules are the only lights above its class, using Osram Opto Semiconductors instead of low price and low quality, east Asian LED’s. Osram Opto Semiconductors offer an amazing long life span, the elegant and rugged enclosure, made of Covestro (former Bayer) Makrolon 2807, UV resistant Polycarbonate, resists the roughest environmental conditions. GiGaLed LED light modules protrude with all its components; installation and pressure nuts are designed to fit, and easy to use. No sharp edges and most important can be installed with power tools without breaking. Because of the high quality contacts wiring and Installation time as well as cost will reduce dramatically.
GiGaLed LED light modules are IP65 protected vacuum sealed with Dow Corning Silicone.
GiGaLed LED light modules are available as single color lights as a static and a flashing version, and as RGB auto-sync.
The single color Static lights are light modules that provide a static (always on) crisp light in various true colors (white, red, green, blue, yellow and orange) as well as different LED configurations (6 LED’s, 12 LED’s and 18 LED’s, the 12 and 18 LED configuration GGL48 only).
The single color Flashing lights are available in the same configuration as above but over a flashing sequence for outstanding design options.
GiGaLed RGB LED light modules, are designed to work for you and don’t need a controller to be operated. A custom program can be recorded to the light module to fit the needs of any application. GiGaLed offers programmers for custom designs as an accessory. The programs are adjustable form 6 to 16 lights in sequence.
GiGaLed LED light modules are available in 24Volt and 36 Volt, both will work on AC and DC, so that existing low Voltage light system can be reused.